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How Does a Cruise-To-Nowhere Match Up Against Other Holiday Options?

by Sophia | 2 Dec 2020 | 6 mins read

With more travel or “holiday” options opening up now, we seem to be spoiled for choice, especially with Royal Caribbean’s Cruise-To-Nowhere opening up this week.

But which option is really going to give you that bang for your buck and stave off that pandemic-induced cabin fever we all seem to be suffering from?

Could it be a luxurious 3-night trip sailing around the Straits of Malacca, or lounging it up in a hotel room with friends on a cozy staycation? Let’s break it down to their pros and cons before deciding.

God Tier: Flights-To-Somewhere

According to the latest travel advisory information from Singapore Airlines, it is possible to still get out of the country even as most of the world is on lockdown.

While the Hong Kong travel bubble has been postponed till 2021, there are other countries that you could head to if the travel bug is unbearable and you’re feeling adventurous (and like you have nine lives):

  • Denmark (from $701, Turkish Airlines)
  • Netherlands (from $1226, Singapore Airlines)
  • South Africa (from $1019, Qatar Airways)
  • Turkey (from $1008, Qatar Airways)
  • United Kingdom (from $981, Qatar Airways)
  • United States (from $1012, Turkish Airlines)

*prices were pulled from various different airlines from sites like SkyScanner, or directly from airline websites

That last one is questionable, considering the spiking volume of cases and deaths reaching well over into the millions. That, and we’re not sure you can get much out of being a travel-hungry tourist if your country of choice is struggling with its own lockdown or surging COVID cases. It’s 20% faith, 80% luck.


  1. Actually leaving Singapore — and your responsibilities behind
  2. You get to see the sights (that aren’t just the Merlion or the Singapore Flyer)
  3. That authentic cultural immersion
  4. Escaping the summer heat
  5. Bragging rights


  1. The ire of those you brag to
  2. An additional vacation upon your return: A 14-day SHN in a hotel of someone else’s choice (that you’ll have to pay for)
  3. It’s the most expensive option on this list
  4. You might not be able to come back to Singapore (oops) if COVID-19 strikes again

Mid Tier: Cruise-To-Nowhere

As of 1 December, Royal Caribbean will be launching its own Cruise-To-Nowhere, complete with all the dressings of a smashing good vacation: fun-filled activities on deck like mini golf, virtual reality experiences, indoor surfing, and full theatre productions right at your fingertips.

So, what’s the damage going to be? Considerably much less than if you wanted to fly out of the country for a getaway:

3-Night Cruise
Interior Stateroom From $361/pax
Outside View From $451/pax
Balcony From $441/pax
Suite From $621/pax
4-Night Cruise
Interior Stateroom From $449/pax
Outside View From $497/pax
Balcony From $497/pax
Suite From $704/pax

Other costs:

Gratuity – $54.15/pax

COVID-19 swab tests are included in your ticket prices.

Another available cruise-to-nowhere to consider is Dream Cruises by Genting Cruise Lines, consisting of over thirty F&B outlets and establishments for you to choose from, among other activities such as bowling and shopping (arguably, things you could do if you still stayed in Singapore — but you didn’t hear that from us).

2-Night Cruise
Balcony Cabin (2-4 pax) From $379
Suite (4-6 pax) From $1,149
3-Night Cruise
Balcony Cabin (2-4 pax) From $669
Suite (4-6 pax) From $1,649

Other costs:

Gratuity – $21/pax (for those two years old and above)

COVID-19 swab test – $60/pax


  1. Activities are centralised, AKA no commuting
  2. Getting to leave the country (temporarily)
  3. Less crowded than the usual level of participation in a cruise
  4. Stringent health checks during embarkation and disembarkation


  1. Not great for those prone to seasickness
  2. Lack of sights to “sea”
  3. You can’t bail out if things go south with your travel partner (jumping into the ocean is not an option)

Low Tier: Staycations

Wallet bringing you down? Try lowering the bar of your expectations, then, and make full use of your Rediscover vouchers and book a staycation! At the very least, hotel service and luxurious accommodations will make you feel like you’re out of the country — even if you’re really not. It’s aaaaall in the mind.


  1. Going on holiday without travel anxiety
  2. Cheap(er than flights and cruises)
  3. No travel style conflicts
  4. No strings attached: it’s just for 1-2 nights
  5. Low commitment barrier; can go home anytime


  1. You’re still in Singapore

Peasant Tier: Stay at Home

AKA where we’re all probably at right now.


  1. Home-cooked food and free flow water on tap (that’s kind of like a buffet, right?)
  2. Zero travel time
  3. You’re already familiar with your “travel buddies”
  4. No need to adjust to different time zones or deal with seasickness
  5. The “vacation” never ends! (Is this really a good thing?)


  1. You’re still in Singapore — with your parents

At the very least, we should be grateful that we still have options to speak of, right? From staying right where you are to getting on a plane to another country, there are pros and cons to each option.

Cruises-to-nowhere seem to be a perfectly good middle ground option (especially with stringent embarkation and disembarkation health checks put in place), unless you’re prone to motion sickness at sea. Otherwise, it might be the perfect time to finally hop on a cruise (in a small group, of course) and enjoy all the offerings of a vacation at sea, minus the crowds.