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I Moved Out From My Family Home For My Mental Wellbeing, And I Am Loving It

by The Simple Sum | 27 May 2024 | 2 mins read

Living with my family members helped me to save a lot of money.  

I didn’t need to pay full market price rent and all I needed to do was to help occasionally and contribute to some household necessities when they ran out. 

But the benefits are not always that worthwhile. I had to deal with a lack of freedom and personal space as my relatives would always barge in without respecting my privacy. 

On days when I had a bad day at work, I still had to mask my feelings and pretend I was not down for fear of too much questioning.


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For the sake of my mental health, I decided to take the leap of faith and moved out to rent my own place.  

Financially, it was not the best decision as it really depleted my savings. 

However, my overall well-being has improved generally, and I have not regretted the decision. I am given the space to do whatever I want. 

I must cut my expenses to pay for rent, but this allowed me the opportunity to learn how to really track every penny of my spending and discover various ways to skimp and save.  

Since I moved out, I know that I am so much further from financial freedom. But I still do not regret the decision. 

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