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S3E2: Would YOU Date the Perfect Guy with Gambling Problems? Preeti Answers All ft. Preetipls

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The Preetipls Origin Story, Part 2

In episode 2, the conversation continues… and finally concludes. Our hosts try really hard to advertise on Preeti’s behalf to find a good man (it’s what she deserves) and also have a conversation about how to navigate money management in a relationship.

There’s also a whole slew of audience questions, like what her best and worst purchases were, and how an influencer manages their money.

Tune in to find out if your question made it in with the others!

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S3E1: How Her Upbringing Turned SG’s Top Influencer Financially WOKE ft. Preetipls

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The Preetipls Origin Story, Part 1

We’re back with more episodes to round off 2020, with a brand new jingle produced in collaboration with local singer-songwriter Amanda Ong (@musicianmandy)!

Opening up season 3 in a two-part release is SG’s TOP INFLUENCER, Preetipls, who talks openly about how she went from aspiring to get into journalism to creating viral content as a prominent local YouTuber (and now podcaster). Also, why and how is she so financially woke?! Hint: Life teaches you more than any financial website can.

Talking points include:

  1. Preeti’s very first paid gig that only cost… HOW MUCH?!
  2. The origin behind ‘Preetipls’
  3. On being the sole breadwinner of the family… considering an unconventional career

Stay tuned for episode 2 tomorrow where Preeti answers a saucy question – and audience-submitted ones!

S2E8: The Dangers of Mixing of FOMO and Investing ft. Shirley Crystal Chua from Golden Equator Group

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Getting Emotional With Investing

In this episode, Pris grapples with her wanting to buy Tesla stocks – just because. Shirley, a returning guest, brings along a personal story about investing where she made a huge loss after making an investing decision that wasn’t too well-thought out in the past. Talking points include:

  1. The four steps a beginner investor should take to start their journey on the right foot
  2. A downloadable starting investing framework that helps you calculate compounded returns (figures mentioned in the episode are estimates!)
  3. The emotional side of investing, and the danger of FOMO for beginners (who don’t yet know their stuff)

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S2E7: Common Insurance Mistakes Beginners Make ft. Hariz and Elijah, Independent Financial Advisors

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Advice About Choosing Advisors From… Advisors

In this episode, the conversation continues between Yuanduan, Hariz and Elijah, who dive deep into what beginners might forget when choosing their own financial advisors for the very first time. Contentious subjects come up, including common insurance mistakes. Talking points include:

  1. Is it safe to hire your friend or family member as a financial advisor?
  2. What can we do if our financial advisors turn out to be bad for us?
  3. How do we evaluate early on if we’re over-insured for our age?
  4. What even is the difference between an insurance agent and a financial advisor?

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S2E6: You Can’t Afford to Be Paiseh Anymore! ft. Johnathan Chua from GRVTY Media

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Pris and Sope make a comeback with a special guest: Johnathan Chua from GRVTY Media, the company behind hits like Real Talk on YouTube and Millennials of Singapore. In this episode, they discuss the intricacies of tying our money management skills to identity, and how to stop being our own worst enemy. Some talking points include:

  • How John got into credit card debt at a young age
  • The shame of being in debt
  • How our upbringing sometimes shapes the way we handle money
  • The difficult feat of saying no when things get too pricey

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S2E5: Let’s Rank the Top 4 Insurance Types for Beginners! ft. Hariz and Elijah, Independent Financial Advisors

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You Either Have Too Much Coverage or None At All…

In this episode, Yuanduan invites two independent financial advisors, Hariz and Elijah, to discuss the broad, commonly brought up subject of insurance coverage – which might bring about a sense of dread or total confusion in most of us. Expect to hear these talking points:

  1. Why insurance is unavoidable
  2. Common mistakes beginners make when buying insurance
  3. How beginners should make their decisions on their insurance coverage
  4. The main four types of insurance coverage, in order of priority according to Hariz and Elijah

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S2E4: Is My Money Really Safe With Robo-Advisors? ft. Sheng Shi Chiam from Endowus

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Are Robos Too Good to Be True?

In this episode, a new player arrives on the scene with a special guest from Endowus. TSS’ content lead, Yuanduan, takes over for an informative interview episode where the two discuss passive index investing and the merits of utilising robo-advisors. Some talking points include:

  1. Will our money be safe with robo-advisors?
  2. What happens if they shut down?
  3. The road to passive investing (and some methodologies)

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S2E3: Daddy Issues Ruined My Relationship With Money

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My Money is MY MONEY!

In this episode, our hosts get up close and (maybe a little too) personal with the their relationship with money, whether it’s with a boyfriend or girlfriend or even a family member. After all, money’s a pretty dicey and touchy topic for most people; it’s never easy to bring it up at the dinner table, no matter who you’re with.

Some of our key talking points included:

  • How to handle misalignment and criticism from your partner
  • How money matters could affect even friendships and family relations
  • Tips and solutions to managing money with your loved ones

We also briefly mentioned how a couple saved $730k in just 10 years – read the article here!

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S2E2: Please Help Me Stop Emotional Spending!

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Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

In this episode on emotional spending, Pris and Sope get up close and personal with their own spending habits and their emotions, and talk each other through their emotional responses and coping mechanisms.

From figuring out what triggers their compulsive spending to discussing openly how to deal with these triggers, this episode dives deep (while keeping things light) into the mind of a spender who’s prone to emotional spending for various reasons.

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S2E1: Are Women Still Passive With Their Finances? ft. Shirley Crystal Chua from Golden Equator Group

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Who Runs the Finances? Girls!

In the first episode of Season 2, our hosts invite the CEO of Golden Equator Group, Shirley Crystal Chua, onto the show to discuss what finances for women are really like, including investment decisions and catching up with their male counterparts.

Some of our talking points included:

  • How Shirley started out investing (and the very first stock she picked, along with how much she paid for her shares).
  • The financial industry: is it still mostly male-dominated?
  • Why are finances for women hard to approach sometimes?
  • How can we decide which investing method suits us best?
  • How Shirley allocates her funds in investing, and her preferred investing style.
  • How can we start learning how to better manage our finances and investing?

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Check out our very first episode of Season 1 here!


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