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S3E1: How Her Upbringing Turned SG’s Top Influencer Financially WOKE ft. Preetipls

4 Nov 2020

The Preetipls Origin Story, Part 1

We’re back with more episodes to round off 2020, with a brand new jingle produced in collaboration with local singer-songwriter Amanda Ong (@musicianmandy)!

Opening up season 3 in a two-part release is SG’s TOP INFLUENCER, Preetipls, who talks openly about how she went from aspiring to get into journalism to creating viral content as a prominent local YouTuber (and now podcaster). Also, why and how is she so financially woke?! Hint: Life teaches you more than any financial website can.

Talking points include:

Preeti’s very first paid gig that only cost… HOW MUCH?!

The origin behind ‘Preetipls’

On being the sole breadwinner of the family… considering an unconventional career

Stay tuned for episode 2 tomorrow where Preeti answers a saucy question – and audience-submitted ones!