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S3E15: He Dropped Out of an Ivy League School – Do Degrees Matter Anymore? ft. Seah Ying Cong, CTO of Glints

4 Dec 2020

Degrees Are SO Last Season — Right?

We grew up being told that to go to university is a rite of passage – and anyone who doesn’t at least get a Bachelor’s degree runs the risk of being left behind in the dust. Degrees give a person many advantages: a higher starting salary, more job opportunities, and an edge over other non-degree job applicants. But we’ve also heard stories of people like Bill Gates, who dropped out of Harvard to start Microsoft.

What’s the deal with degrees, then? Our hosts sit down and talk to Ying Cong, an Ivy League dropout who just so happens to be the Chief Technology Officer of Glints, to talk about the necessity of qualifications… and how jobseekers can improve their chances out there.

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