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S3E19: When Will Retirement Planning Stop Giving Me Anxiety?! ft. Duan from TSS

18 Dec 2020

That’s a Problem for Future Me!

When we say “retirement”, what comes to mind? Old age, an aching back, and more than a couple of grandkids running around showing you the latest new-fangled technology? Or do you get stressed and anxious because you don’t actually know what retirement will look like? Our hosts sit down in this special episode about retirement planning and try to visualise their retirement and come up with their golden number — and devise a plan as to how to reach that goal without succumbing to the stress of it all.

Key talking points include:

  1. What retirement actually is, and what it looks like to us
  2. The ultimate retirement number – how do we calculate it?
  3. Easy mode and hard mode for retirement planning

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