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S3E8: To Baby or Not to Baby? That Is the Question ft. Duan and Tim from TSS

20 Nov 2020

Baby, Don’t Hurt Me (Financially)… No More…

The great baby debate of 2020 is here! No, not really – it’s more of a baby roundtable discussion with Tim and Yuanduan from TSS, moderated by Sope. How expensive are babies these days? If you don’t have a baby, would that make saving for retirement an easier feat? What changes about you as a person after you have a baby? Does life really “end” when you become a parent? On the side of “yay for baby!” is Tim, while Duan sits on the “PLZ NO BABIES” side of the field.

Who won the discussion? You tell us. We want to hear your thoughts on raising a child in expensive Singapore, too – so give us a shout in our DMs or drop us an email if you have any post-episode thoughts.

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