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The (Chinese) Wedding Budget Checklist for Singaporeans

by Sophia | 11 Feb 2020 | 2 mins read

Chinese weddings are so extensive that you’d probably need a tall wedding budget checklist to keep track of everything. And we mean everything. Did you know that you have to give cakes and/or eggs to your parents when handing out wedding invitations? And for grooms to show their sincerity, a betrothal ceremony (also known as Guo Da Li) is required, with gifts and dowry to the bride’s family.

There’s a long list of things you shouldn’t forget leading up to your big day – and yes, it’s because you’re Chinese.

In the matrimonial rush to put things together, couples should remember to track every expense – even the smallest, most easily overlooked ones that may add up into hefty expenditure in the long run.

What are these “hidden” or “sudden” costs? Don’t get blindsided and blow your budget (or risk having to take guilty loans from your parents or in-laws!) – here are some expenses to keep in mind:

  • Red packets for your Justice of Peace (the one solemnising you and your to-be spouse!)
  • Shoes for both the bride and groom (most people only remember their dress and suit)
  • Wedding car decorations
  • Hefty postage fees from sending out plenty of wedding invites

The Downloadable Wedding Budget Checklist

To help you out with planning your big day, we’ve put together a budget spreadsheet for weddings that you can access and download for yourself, inclusive of all possible minor expenses that may be overshadowed by the typical big ticket stuff.

NOTE #1: Wedding packages are all-in-one packages that include:

  1. Wedding gown rental
  2. Pre-wedding photography
  3. Makeup
  4. Many other things

Wedding packages are usually a one-stop solution, but they are generally more expensive compared to selecting individual vendors.

However, some couples choose to go fully with individual vendors, some even opt for a combination of the two. So we have separated this section to two, just fill in the applicable fields.

NOTE #2: This spreadsheet comes with additional hover text and remarks, so remember to over your mouse clicker over the different categories for more information and tips, like so:

Download the spreadsheet here.

Congratulations on the wedding – now it’s time to get cracking!