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We Balloted For A HDB Flat For 8 Times, The Odds Felt Almost Like Striking 4D

by The Simple Sum | 3 Jun 2024 | 2 mins read

Imagine taking the time to pick a HDB flat then waiting for months only to learn that you did not get selected and having to go through that cycle – 7 times. 

We tried both Build-To-Order and Sale-Of-Balance to ballot for a flat. At one point, it felt like we’re trying to strike 4D (lottery) because the odds were against us. 

We might have gotten a flat much earlier if we went for a non-mature estate, in a less convenient area. However, we really wanted a place that is closer to town, as it makes travelling around much easier. 

As time passed (a few years of trying!), we got more anxious. We were getting older while the flat prices were getting more expensive. At one point, during the time of our 7th try, we almost bought a resale. But due to the costly price of resale and them not being affordable to our budgets, we reverted to trying BTO/SOB one last time. 

We decided to try for the 8th time for SOB and to our surprise, WE GOT THE FLAT!!  


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I think the stars aligned as we balloted for a unit that was indeed close to our requirements. What was even more amazing was that our ballot number was number 2! My husband and I were over the moon when we saw the “winning” email. 

To increase our chances of securing a ballot number, we would always choose our flat based on the application rate (number of units vs number of applicants). I think this helped in our final ballot success. 

The long wait now feels worthwhile.  

But looking back, I felt that we should’ve applied way earlier considering the demand. I seriously hope that future generations of aspiring homeowners will have a much shorter wait and easier time when it comes to applying for a flat. 


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