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What I Learnt About Money After Losing My Job

25 Nov 2021

Two millennials, Gayle and Denny, share their experiences with losing their jobs, how they had to change how they viewed money and how they managed to find new careers for themselves.

00:00 Preview/Intro
00:48 What led to the loss of your job?
02:07 How did you feel after losingyour job and what changes did you make?
03:41 What did you do to manage with the loss of income?
04:44 What has happened since you lost your job?
06:06 Any advice for others who might be facing a similar situation?
07:52 Outro

About the guests:

Gayle is a UX Writing Instructor at General Assembly and a communications professional at large. On the side, she also teaches Pilates alongside Pre- and Post-Natal Nutrition Coaching.

Denny is a legal associate with a varied background in music production and lecturing. As he works towards his Juris Doctor, he also occupies his time with management consulting and legal work.

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