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Why We Didn’t Chase Our Childhood Dream Jobs

5 Aug 2021

What Was Your Childhood Dream Job?

While most of us had dream jobs, not all of us ended up in them. In this episode, hear about the TSS team’s childhood dream jobs, why we did (or did not) end up in them, and what we ended up doing.

We also talk about what a dream job currently means to us, and why it’s ok to not chase one. What is or was YOUR dream job?

00:00 Intro
00:57 Our childhood dream jobs
06:19 What changed for Pris?
11:59 What changed for Sope?
18:49 What changed for Kat?
24:49 Advice for younger folks
31:47 Redefining what dream jobs mean
38:11 Dream jobs are a luxury
40:46 Outro