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5 Smart Ways To Reduce Your Monthly Petrol Bill

by The Simple Sum Team | 28 Nov 2022 | 5 mins read

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Having your own set of wheels can make life very convenient. You can easily go anywhere you wish, ferry loved ones around as needed, and load your car boot for grocery runs.

But owning a car can be expensive too. Other than the costs of car, you have to account for road tax and car insurance, as well as petrol costs, which can add up rather quickly.

Here are some ways to reduce how much you spend on petrol every month and bulk up your savings.

1. Plan your route

Combine multiple errands together reduces the number of trips you make every month, which reduces your fuel consumption and in turn, your petrol bill.  

You should also map out your route before leaving your house to minimise the chances of having to driving around in circles and consuming additional fuel.

2. Utilise loyalty programmes and credit cards   

You are losing out on easy savings if you don’t sign up for a loyalty programme with your favourite petrol station. And once you do, try to stick to petrol stations under the same company to maximise your savings. You’ll enjoy loyalty discounts and rack up loyalty points quicker to redeem rewards that can be used to offset your fuel costs.

Stack the right credit card to further increase your savings. Most petrol brands have tie ups with various credit cards to offer additional discounts and cashback on your petrol spend. Do your research on which credit card would work best for your lifestyle and your preferred petrol company and use it to spend even less on fuel every month.


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3. Lighten the load on your car

It can be tempting to haul around all your belongings in your car with you all the time. After all isn’t that why you got a car in the first place. However, what you may not know is that the heavier your car, the more petrol it uses. For every extra 100 pounds, the fuel economy of your car is reduced by 1%.

If you want to further reduce fuel consumption, consider driving around with the air-conditioning (AC)  switched off – a car’s fuel consumption increases by up to 20% when the AC is on. Try driving with the windows down, especially at night when the weather is generally cooler.

4. Maintain your car regularly

Caring for your car can seem like a chore, but a little care can go a long way in reducing the amount of petrol you use.   

If your car is in less than tiptop condition, it consumes more petrol. Service your car regularly (at least once every six months) and ensure that old engine oil is replaced, spark plugs aren’t misfiring and your air filters aren’t clogged. Doing this will also help increase the lifespan of your car.   

The condition of your tires can affect the amount of your fuel your car uses too. Studies show that when your tires are underinflated by 10%, petrol consumption increase by 2%. Check your tire pressure once a month to ensure that it is at the recommended pressure levels.  

The alignment of your tires matter too. Misaligned tires cause uneven tire wear and poor traction, resulting in up to 10% lesser fuel efficiency and higher petrol consumption.

5. Improve the way you drive : Accelerate gently and drive at a consistent speed

Your car consumes the most petrol when you accelerate rapidly, so opt to increase your speed gradually when you drive to use up less fuel. Experts recommend that you take exactly five seconds, no faster or slower, to accelerate your vehicle from a stationary position for optimal fuel efficiency.

Once you hit the speed you wish to travel at, try to continue cruising at the same speed – most vehicles are most efficient between 50km/h to 80km/h, so try to keep to this range. This is because each time you accelerate and deaccelerate, you expend more petrol. Keeping your ride smooth also minimises the risk of an accident, keeping you safe.

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