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How Do You Get Hired Without Experience? We Asked Four Managers

by Sophia | 8 Apr 2019 | 3 mins read

Job hunting is tough – sometimes you just need to figure out what works in your resume and what doesn’t. How do you stand out from a faceless crowd of GPA scores as a fresh-faced newbie? How do you get hired without experience?

What better way to learn what makes a candidate attractive than by hearing straight from HR managers and people who hire? This might just strengthen your eligibility for that next role.

Hear what they had to say!

Geraldine, Marketing Manager

Nugget Savings App

The thing I look out for is the reason the applicant wants to join the company. Does he or she believe in the mission of the company and is excited about what we are doing? It lets me know if we could work together towards a common goal.

To be honest, their education level is the last thing I look at – if I’m hiring a social media marketer, I’d want someone who has a good understanding of how social media works. A higher level of education doesn’t always equate to having a higher capability to fulfill the role.”

Check, Chief Gaming Officer


For interns, I look out for people who have passion [in games]. They don’t necessarily have to be hardcore. I spend more effort talking to people who can tell me about their weaknesses rather than trying to convince me they’re willing to learn – because self-awareness matters in the long run. So does honesty.

And those who provide standard, flawless answers might be a no-go for me, even if they’ve got all the right qualifications. I want to find someone who can really think – not copy and paste things they think I want to hear.”

Jeremy, Director of People Experience

Golden Equator Group

Bring out your relevant skills and experience from school or external projects. Tell us about your achievements either from school or in the army – things like leadership roles (leading a platoon of a hundred men) will help a lot. Culture fit and a positive attitude are crucial as well.

If you’re looking for your first internship, build up your CV by joining clubs, getting a job on campus, or taking online courses outside of school curriculum. Maybe even do volunteer work to attract companies who care about corporate social responsibility.”

Ian, Creative Director

Witching Hour Studios

A portfolio really helps. Attempts on your own, exploring the role you’re applying for, is a big part of what helps us gauge your interest and skill level. School projects mean very little; everyone in your class would have the same piece. Self-driven development rates much higher.

Not having experience isn’t the end of the world. Because as it turns out, managers do look out for other aspects of your job application that might make you a great fit. It’s more than just having perfect grades – everything else, to employers, will matter just as much… if not even more.

So gear up and go get that job!