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Save With Your Spend: Ways To Utilise Your Citi Points and Miles

by The Simple Sum Team | 26 Dec 2023 | 6 mins read

This article is brought to you by Citi ThankYouSM Rewards.

In Singapore, shopping is pretty much a national sport, but the one thing that Singaporeans love more than shopping itself is getting rewarded for it.

That reward usually comes in the form of credit card rewards. 

When it comes to rewards credit cards, Citi happens to have cards that let you scoop up points or miles as you swipe. Talk about making every purchase count!  

But what do you do with these Citi Points or Miles once you accumulate them? Your Citi Points and Citi Miles aren’t just numbers on a screen – they’re your ticket to scoring cool stuff, or if you prefer, reducing how much you pay for your expenses.  

With Citi, you get practicality and flexibility with your rewards. Here’s a guide on how to use Citi’s reward redemption programme, Citi ThankYouSM Rewards, to make your spending extra rewarding. 

Citi Points versus Citi Miles? 

If you’re a Citi cardmember, you’ll notice that Citi ThankYou Rewards lets you redeem your Citi Points or Citi Miles. While some cards like the Citi Rewards Card earn Citi Points, others like the Citi PremierMiles Card earn Citi Miles.  

For example, Citi Rewards Card lets you earn 10 Citi Points* for every $1 spent on online transactions and purchases at department stores or retail clothing outlets. However, you would need to keep track of your Citi Points as they have an expiry date.  

On the other hand, a Citi PremierMiles user can earn 1.2 Citi Miles for every $1 spent in Singapore, or 2 Citi Miles for every $1 spent in a foreign currency. And you don’t need to be in a hurry to use them as Citi Miles don’t expire.  

Now you know the difference between how you get Citi Points and Citi Miles, let’s see how you can use them for your various spending needs.


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Pay for your everyday spending 

We make a lot of little expenses in our daily lives. Think about it, you probably stock up on groceries every week, dine out on the weekend, grab a bubble tea with friends, or even hop on a cab when you’re running late for work.  

Believe it or not, you can actually tap into those hard-earned Citi Points or Miles to cover these expenses. It’s like your personal piggy bank, only better! 

As a cardmember, 440 Citi Points or 165 Citi Miles get you $1, so you get to be the boss and decide how to use your rewards to pay for your expenses.  

If you’re all about the little pleasures in life (who isn’t, right?), you can take your points and treat yourself to a bubble tea or two without really spending your hard-earned cash. It’s like getting a free pass to enjoy the small joys of life while saving some money. 

Redeem vouchers and save on big-ticket items 

If you’ve got your heart set on a high-end gadget, some furniture for your newly-renovated BTO or a luxurious hotel stay, you’ll know that these big-ticket items are usually a strain on the wallet.  

The best personal finance practice is to save up for these purchases, but you can also use your Citi Points or Miles to get there faster.  

You can browse the Citi ThankYou Rewards Redemption Catalogue for a range of merchants to redeem your points from and you can even get gift vouchers to offset your purchases. It’s a shopping haven for these special, more substantial treats, transforming your big-budget fantasies into smart, cost-effective realities.   


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Ways to Get More Rewards with Your Credit Cards

Pay off your bills  

For those of you diligently accumulating your miles and points and itching to put them to use right away, here’s something that can give you that instant financial gratification.  

You can convert your Citi Points or Citi Miles into cash rebates and use them to pay part (or all) of your credit card bill. If you’ve got a credit card bill looming over you, it’s not exactly a picnic, but with this hack, you can make a chunk of that debt disappear instantly.  

Citi Cardmembers can redeem cash rebates in convenient blocks of $10, and you can go all the way up to $50. So, you’re not just chipping away at your credit card bill; you’re potentially wiping out a significant portion of it with your rewards.

Convert your points to airline miles  

We all know that the real prize with rewards cards is those precious air miles. And Citi’s got that covered too. 

If you’re stressed out from constantly hustling and need a getaway to unwind and recharge, your Citi Points or Citi Miles could help pay for your flight ticket so you have more money freed up for your much-needed vacation.  

You can cash in 25,000 Citi Points for a cool 10,000 air miles. And card users that earn Citi Miles, get a 1 to 1 conversion, which equates to 10,000 Citi Miles for 10,000 air miles.  

Who knew that your everyday spending could be your passport to your dream vacation?  

Choose how you want to use your rewards 

When it comes to rewards programs, it’s great to have the freedom to choose what you want to do with your Citi Points or Citi Miles depending on your lifestyle and financial needs.  

Whether you want to pay for everyday expenses, shop for big-ticket items, offset your credit card bill, or get a practically free plane ticket, Citi ThankYou Rewards can help make the most of your spending.


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