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#66: Does It Still Make Sense To Invest In Gold Today?

10 Sep 2021

Throughout history, gold has been a popular hedge against inflation, economic crises, currency fluctuation and even war.  And gold still remains a relevant investment for today’s investors.

In this episode, we sit down with David Fergusson, Co-founder of Hugo to discuss the importance of investing in gold, bust some myths about gold, how you can invest in gold, and whether Bitcoin really is “digital gold”.

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00:00 Intro 
00:06 Learn more about Hugo 
01:01 Introduction to gold and David Fergusson 
03:09 Cultural and sentimental value of gold 
06:0History of gold investing 
16:08 How much gold will grow in value 
17:21 Crypto versus gold 
19:18 Gold’s role in a portfolio 
21: 06 Some common ways to buy gold 
29:46 Who should consider investing in gold 
35:27 David’s advice on how to start investing in gold easily